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Pistachio CRM System for Video Sales

The goal of this CRM system is to help sales reps nurture leads and create a strong bond with customers using personalized videos. We took over its development about a year ago. Our task was to improve the system, enrich existing functionality and build a custom Chrome extension from scratch.

Pistachio CRM System for Video Sales

About this Project

Videos have proven to be more engaging, memorable, and persuasive than text and photo messages. This CRM system is designed to unleash the full potential of videos in the sales of visually unique goods such as real estate. It provides sales reps with all tools they need to easily record authentic videos and send them to leads and customers.

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Target audience

The CRM is primarily targeted at:

  • real estate companies
  • email marketing companies
  • construction/repair firms
  • sales managers 

Yet, the system may become an irreplaceable solution for any business that seeks ways to create a personal connection with every lead and customer. 

How this CRM works

The entire functionality of the system is based on the assumption that users will communicate with existing and potential buyers mainly via videos or via text messages but with videos attached. It offers the following capabilities:

  • adding videos with an animated GIF preview to emails with the help of a custom Chrome extension
  • shared list of customers; a collaboration of all team members for its processing
  • intuitive interface that allows users to easily record videos using a custom Chrome extension or mobile app
  • building fully customized branded landing pages

All videos are stored on the cloud, so they don’t clutter the storage space of senders and recipients’ devices.


The task of our team was to improve the system and add new features. We also built the Chrome extension from the ground up. With its help, users can:

  • record screencasts
  • record video with a web camera 
  • send videos via emails
  • view the record history


To connect the CRM to a custom Chrome extension and the iOS and Android apps, we used API


Besides, our teams communicate a lot with mobile develpers to ensure that all components of the ecosystem work



Our team used Stripe’s subscriptions to enable users to pay online for CRM packages. We chose this payment system since it’s easy to integrate. Besides, Stripe is quite popular in Europe, so many people trust it.


Thanks to this email service, users can send personalized emails with embedded videos. It has a powerful sending infrastructure and allows for fast scalability. 

Sentry and Bugsnag

These error tracking solutions help us detect different types of errors and maintain the system’s capacity at the highest possible level. Sentry and Bugsnag offer similar functionality but we decided to use both of them since the CRM is still at the testing stage.

Amazon S3

It’s a cloud storage service. We integrated it to enable storage and quick access to the data.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

This integration allows the system to convert and rotate videos.




Chrome Extension
PM \ Testing
Snappy PDF/Image for Laravel SAWS SDK for PHP
Laravel FFMpeg Bugsnag Laravel
League Csv Sentry Laravel
Laravel Cashier Flysystem Adapter for AWS SDK V3
RecordRTC Chumper Zipper
AWS SDK For Android Amazon S3 AWS SDK For Android Amazon Cognito Sync

Our work on this project

Our team engaged in this project includes a front-end developer, back-end developer, QA specialist, project manager, system administrator, iOS developer, Android developer, and UX/UI designer.

The challenge was that the development of this CRM system has partly coincided with the world health crisis. But the client and our company decided to take a cooperative approach so we didn’t cease the process. As a result, the system was successfully released and has already received its first users.