Price Comparison System Development

We build price comparison web tools to scrape data from webshop platforms.
Rely on our proven domain expertise to automatically monitor competitor prices, keep up with market trends, and create a winning strategy for your e-commerce business.

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20+ Laravel developers
10 years of experience
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Our services

Brands & retailers
Brands and retailers need data-driven insights to make the right pricing decisions in today’s highly competitive landscape. We develop price comparison tools for e-commerce that:
  • Monitor and analyze competitors
  • Monitor mentions of your brand on external resources
  • Collect customer data
  • Analyzes market trends and customer reviews
  • Monitor prices
We also create clear visualizations that reveal valuable insights, simplifying a decision-making process.
Consultancy providers
We help marketing research and consultancy providers collect data either on a project basis or as a long-term outsourcing partner. Our services cover:
  • Market research
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Analysis of customer review and feedback
  • Data collection for further analytics
We take the hassle of data collection off your shoulders so you can fully focus on data analytics.
Sales & marketing analytics
Unlocking the full power of advanced sales and marketing analytics helps businesses to attract customers and outrun competition. By choosing our services, you’ll:
  • Benefit from a custom tool powered with customer data from Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc
  • Understand how often customers visit specific pages on your website
  • Gain insights into customer behavior and their interactions with prices on your website.
If you have a particular vision of a sales and marketing analytics tool your business needs, no problem, either. We have the expertise to fulfill requests of any complexity.
Competitor content monitoring
To secure high positions in Google search, businesses need to know what’s happening with their competitors’ content. We can build a high-end web scraping tool that will:
  • Monitor content updates on competitor websites
  • Generate analytics from scraped data
  • Notify users about crucial changes on competitor websites
With this functionality, you'll have all the information you need to develop and execute effective content strategies that boost traffic and drive conversions.
Aggregating tasks
We help companies achieve their strategic goals with custom aggregator platforms. Solutions built by our experts can deal with:
  • Pulling data from multiple sources
  • Automated data uploading
  • Data monitoring and comparison
  • Insight visualization
Our team can also consult you on all aspects related to aggregator development, as well as upgrade your existing platform for improved performance.
Legal businesses
Law firms frequently require market and pricing data to support their claims in trading cases. As part of our e-commerce price monitoring tool development services, we can build a solution that:
  • Monitors price dumping activities
  • Identifies pricing practices that violate industry regulations
  • Analyzes brand reputation and customer reviews
Our team can also handle other data collection requests of legal businesses.
Product startups
We help startups collect the necessary data for product development with powerful web scrapers. Depending on the startup’s goals, our team can:
  • Develop a web price scraper or any other data scraper
  • Create a tool for data monitoring and comparison
  • Enhance data collection tools with visualization capabilities
Relying on our expert assistance, startups can disrupt markets with state-of-the-art products and stay ahead of the competition.

Our expertise

  • Developing a Chrome extension for web scraping
  • Creating custom proxy networks using IPV4 and IPV6 protocols
  • Writing code for microservices
  • Enabling advanced notifications about changes in competitor prices
  • Seamlessly connecting tools to Google Analytics
  • Using Google Analytics data for price analysis
  • Creating advanced export/import systems supporting XML, CSV, and JSON file formats
  • Enabling optimized smart search with Elasticsearch and Manticore
  • Creating monitoring systems for web scrapers
  • Building robust anti-scraping tools
  • Creating algorithms for dynamic price-setting based on competitors’ pricing strategies
  • Ensuring flexible output options catering to the needs of diverse users
  • Integrating tools with Shopify, WooCommerce, DanDomain, OpenCart, Magenta, and Drupal
  • Implementing horizontal system scaling
  • Conducting comprehensive competitor analysis for strategic insights
  • Overcoming bans from Google reCAPTCHA, Cloudflare, and Amazon Captcha
  • Extracting additional data from Amazon
  • Dealing with diverse product variants

Projects we serve

Price competitor tool Price competitor tool
CRM system CRM system
Educational platform Educational platform
Web Scraper development Web Scraper development
Real Estate Real Estate
Others Others

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PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Angular
Type of project:
Price comparison platform
We’ve developed this price comparison web system from scratch. By monitoring price information of more than 20 million products daily, it helps online retailers overcome fierce competition. To enable constant processing of such a huge amount of data, our team used modern technologies and designed a holistic architecture. See case study
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PHP is a scripting language for server-side programming. Nowadays, nearly 82 percent of all websites are PHP-based. And it’s no wonder. This language offers high processing speed and allows coding teams to build scalable web solutions. So it’s indeed a great fit for basically any web project.

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