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We’re here every day. Researching, video calling, starting projects, constantly coding, creatively designing, planning new ideas, drinking too much coffee and laughing quite loudly.

Our goal is to create ingenious interfaces and web projects that are profitable for every client

In sports, if you fall, you get up and carry on. At some point, the athlete stops paying attention to the falls and perceives them as part of the process. The same thing happens in web development. Even if something did not work out for you, you get up and continue trying to find a solution. That’s what we do at Flexi IT.

Everything starts with Specification

Everything starts with Specification. Developers need to understand what they are developing. Why the user needs this functionality. Understanding the causes and needs, gives us the opportunity to provide thoughtful business solutions.

Why do our clients keep working with us?

From e-commerce websites and marketing campaigns to real estate and online banking, we take the time to get to know our clients’ specific needs and ideas. After all, no two clients are the same and no two projects are the same, so it’s important to us to build a relationship early on.

Our very first customer is still working with us

To implement a successful project, you need a streamlined process

To do this, we use only modern technologies, describe the functionality in the documentation, draw up charts and tables, calculate budgets and the time needed for the project. You can personally follow the work of the programmer in Jira and you can monitor the progress of events with the help of toggl.

The most fundamental element of our work is communication

Our managers are fluent in English and every day is filled with screencasts, video calls and reports that we share with the clients.

The synergy

of all tools, knowledge, and desire to make something fruitful takes us one step ahead

Development technologies: PHP, Laravel, MySql, NodeJS, JS, VueJS
Development process: Jira, Confluence, GitLab, GitHub, Gantt
Time tracking: Everhour, Toggl
Handy tools: UMLs, clickable wireframes, code review, CMS, IA diagrams, use cases, screencasts

Like in any company, at Flexi IT, we have our own traditions and internal slang

Once a month we host workshops where everyone can share their experiences. Thus, we have already gathered a base of internal knowledge and this is shared with everyone who joins our team.
As you can imagine, there is never just one single person at the centre of a project. Every team member helps to make the idea a reality. We’re all about sharing our knowledge, progressing creatively and of course, providing the client with their end goal. We always work together to ensure every part of the process is ticked off properly and time is always of the essence, so you can be sure we’ll always reach that all-important deadline for you.

We try to endorse a healthy lifestyle in our company

We try to endorse a healthy lifestyle in our company. For team activities and events, we always try to spend them outdoors, being active and of course, having fun.

Our internal rules:

  • We do not take on more projects than we can fulfill
  • There is no hierarchy in the company. Everyone is equal and equally valuable
  • Mutual respect and care
  • There is no shifting of responsibility. Everybody is responsible
  • Openness and honesty to customers and team members
  • It is important to keep your word and promises

Anton, Vlad and Bohdan started Flexi IT five years ago

The story began when Anton and Bohdan first met in school more than a decade ago. Here, the two built a very strong friendship. Almost seven years prior, Anton and Vlad first became acquainted at university. After they graduated, the three began their early talks, which would soon lead to the birth of Flexi IT. They rented a flat and started working as freelance developers at Upwork. It only took one year for the trio to decide that they needed to flourish and add more members into their team. And that new team would need a name.

Anton Cherevko

At the dawn of Flexi IT’s existence, Anton was in charge of finding new clients and managing projects. Like two other founders, he is a tech-nerd who always keeps track of the latest advancements in innovation. But besides that, Anton excels at setting up processes, building effective teams, and solving real business problems. He takes a result-oriented approach to all projects, emphasizing that our team not only develops software but also helps clients grow.

Vlad Manin

Vlad and Bohdan were the first developers at Flexi IT and they remain working programmers engaged in clients’ projects to this day. But the main area of Vlad’s responsibility is team management. He vets candidates and ensures knowledge sharing among team members. Vlad says that his favourite book is Forrest Gump by Winston Groom. And he believes that one can learn anything through hard work, persistence, and strong desire.

Bohdan Pavlenko

Besides writing code, Bohdan acts as a programming crisis manager for all Flexi IT’s projects. Whenever the development team comes to a dead end, he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. But for Bohdan, the task is rarely limited just to solving the puzzle. He always strives to find a non-standard yet the most effective solution that will meet all client’s requirements.

So, how did they come up with Flexi IT?

Well, they wanted something that was catchy and easy to remember. At this point, the majority of their clients were focused on flexible web development services and their main requirement from the three businessmen was (you guessed it) flexibility. Mix that with the field of work and you get: Flexi IT.

What we have now

Our company philosophy is based on transparency and communication.
Transparency is one of our core values at Flexi IT and we feel that being open about our process, our culture, our team and our technology is the right thing to do. We tell our clients the truth and offer realistic solutions.
Communication is another important value to us because, quite simply, everybody wants to be understood.
We strive to stay connected to our clients with fast, open and honest communication throughout every single project.


I feel blessed to have discovered Flexi! I was looking for developers who take pride in getting things done, not trying to explain why some of my design ideas might not work. And I found them! I hired Flexi to develop a custom WordPress site that I designed. The final product looked and worked exactly the way I anticipated, and it was delivered on time. Vlad has great communication skills, with quick and detailed replies. Can't wait to start my next project with you guys!

Olga Engroff

Creative Director

I've been working with Flexi on my project for a long time. They are always on time. Very loyal service. Hope we'll continue to collaborate for years to come.

Paul X. McCarthy


I've enjoyed working with Flexi company. We met the deadline, and I'm very thankful that guys put themselves in my shoes and even worked overtime. Very pleased with the response speed as well – it was lightning quick. Just wanted to express my deepest gratitude. Best of luck to you guys!

Adam Mauer

Chief Executive Officer

I have nothing but kudos for Ms. Tokmakova. It was her motivation and drive that brought us together and her professionalism and kindness that have continued our relationship. Even upon discovering the aggressiveness of my project (and my attitude), her eagerness to assist shined through. She was helpful and courteous beyond anything I could have expected. Her willingness to perform beyond my expectations surprised me the most. And her friendliness knows no boundaries. In the future, if I find myself in need of services she can provide, I will not hesitate to reach out to her, as I know that she will embrace the project with fervent ambition and deliver well-beyond anything I could even imagine.

David P Carson II

Training Consultant

About - Flexi - i talked with Eugenia Tokmakova who is working as the project manager, she is nice person, she jumps to the point directly, i hope we can do something with each other in the coming days

Moaaz El Masry

Project Manager & System Analyst

Working with Ms. Tokmakova was excellent . Although i wasn't very clear on how i would like my e-store to function and look it was her motivation and drive that made everything clear in my mind. She was helpful and always available for my demands. Her willingness to help beyond my expectations surprised me the most. I would like to work with Flexi IT company in the future. Hope it will be soon

Petros Sofokleous

Giant Corp. G.M

Such a great agency, dedicated, hardworking and fantastic results!

Amanda Couzens Davies

Marketing manager

We very much enjoyed working with Flexi on developing a complex job platform. It was refreshing to work with a developer team that gets things done quicker and with better results than any other team we worked with before. We are looking forward to working with Flexi on other projects in the future.

Thore Behrens

PhD Candidate University of Warwick

Great cooperation with Vlad! He responded very quickly and solved problems on our site in 2 hours. He really dives in and double checks everything.

Sven Nuum

Co-founder at Boost Yourself

The Flex team is very professional and passionate about all what they do. I’ve been in contact with Eugenia who is really easy to communicate with and who had always an answer to my queries. All the best in every project!

Carmen Pérez

International Affairs

I couldn't have hoped for a better developer to work with. Given an unfamiliar application to bug fix and the job was completed much quicker than expected. His English is perfect, his replies speedy and he patiently explained to me how to complete any additional tasks that I had to do at my end. I've worked with several offshore developers before and Vlad has been the best one for development speed and his communication. I will definitely be going to him first for my future development needs.

Mike Crump


Never wait or hesitate, hire this chap before its too late ! Top Drawer Freelancer.

Gavin Beak


Flexi team has been very responsive and prompt in meeting our application requirements using fast and agile approach to software development. Alexander and his team were great to work with, keeping communication, prototyping and dialog at a frequent pace to complete our project. All the best to the Flexi team.

Abby Hosseini

Chief Technology Officer

Everything starts with one step, Let’s do it together!