Custom CRM Development Services For Small Business

We create CRM software for small businesses. Our team of experienced programmers can build a bespoke CRM system that will suit the unique processes of your company.


Custom CRM Development Services For Small Business

Keeping relationships with each and every customer strong is a proven way for small businesses to grow and thrive. Our team of experienced developers can craft a custom CRM solution that will let your team forget about distracting default features and focus on what is important to your company.


When does a small business need a custom CRM?

"Is my small business mature enough to have its own bespoke CRM?"
We hear this question from potential clients quite often.

Our team has been working on CRM development projects for small businesses for several years by now. And we believe that taking the most out of a custom CRM system is only possible when the latter perfectly fits the company’s specific requirements.

Find your company on this chart!

Most companies evolve through similar stages of the business life cycle. We prepared the chart below to help you determine if it’s the right time for your small business to create its own CRM software.

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Key functions of small business CRM software

All custom-made CRMs are built according to the requirements a specific company has and, thus, are unique. However, there is some basic functionality that most of such systems include. In the table below, we gathered frequently requested CRM features for you to understand how much time a coding team will need to develop each piece of functionality.

Want to get a full list of core CRM features with the time estimation for each of them?

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CRM system architecture

A CRM application is a complex software product that usually covers many business processes and performs a great number of tasks. To show you the big picture, we created the chart below. It depicts interconnections among different elements of a sample CRM system.

crm architecture

What can be automated with a CRM platform?

CRM software allows companies to track and optimize their business activity. But not only that. It may also significantly increase your team’s productivity level, streamline the workflow, and keep it error-free by automating various routine tasks and administrative duties. With the help of a custom CRM, you can automate the following processes:

  • Lead generation, nurturing, and management with HubSpot integration
  • Sales pipeline, incl. guiding prospects through the buying process and sending reminders of actions that sales reps should take
  • Customer onboarding, incl. sending context-aware messages and familiarizing customers with products or services
  • Order fulfillment, incl. invoicing, shipping, payment processing
  • Project management with Trello/Asana integration or development of a custom tool
  • Routine workflows optimization, incl. collaboration between teams and departments
  • Email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp integration
  • Task management, incl. time tracking, task assignment, shared calendar, and task performance monitoring
  • Customer service with Zendesk integration
  • Data collection, analytics, and reporting

Fed up with seeing ever-tired employees who have to do every little task manually? It’s high time to build a CRM for your small business!

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What kind of CRM solution is an ideal fit for your business?

We understand that it is quite challenging to determine exactly what functionality you have to include in the bespoke CRM system for your enterprise. To make this task easier for you, we created this questionnaire. Just answer a few questions about your business and get the results in your email!

What industry does your business operate in?

What is the size of your business?

How will you use of a new CRM system?

What will be the primary function of your CRM?

What business processes do you want to automate with a CRM system?

Who will be the end-user of your CRM?

What is the main benefit that you expect to get from a CRM?

Will you need to integrate your CRM system with MailChimp or Hubspot?

Will you need to integrate your CRM system with some other custom or third-party software? If yes, what kind of software is it?

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What our clients say

For our team, a project is considered successful if a client is satisfied with the final product. And getting positive feedback always inspires us to aim for greatness!

I feel blessed to have discovered Flexi! I was looking for developers who take pride in getting things done, not trying to explain why some of my design ideas might not work. And I found them! I hired Flexi to develop a custom WordPress site that I designed. The final product looked and worked exactly the way I anticipated, and it was delivered on time. Vlad has great communication skills, with quick and detailed replies. Can't wait to start my next project with you guys!

Olga Engroff

Creative Director

I've been working with Flexi on my project for a long time. They are always on time. Very loyal service. Hope we'll continue to collaborate for years to come.

Paul X. McCarthy


I've enjoyed working with Flexi company. We met the deadline, and I'm very thankful that guys put themselves in my shoes and even worked overtime. Very pleased with the response speed as well – it was lightning quick. Just wanted to express my deepest gratitude. Best of luck to you guys!

Adam Mauer

Chief Executive Officer

I have nothing but kudos for Ms. Tokmakova. It was her motivation and drive that brought us together and her professionalism and kindness that have continued our relationship. Even upon discovering the aggressiveness of my project (and my attitude), her eagerness to assist shined through. She was helpful and courteous beyond anything I could have expected. Her willingness to perform beyond my expectations surprised me the most. And her friendliness knows no boundaries. In the future, if I find myself in need of services she can provide, I will not hesitate to reach out to her, as I know that she will embrace the project with fervent ambition and deliver well-beyond anything I could even imagine.

David P Carson II

Training Consultant

About - Flexi - i talked with Eugenia Tokmakova who is working as the project manager, she is nice person, she jumps to the point directly, i hope we can do something with each other in the coming days

Moaaz El Masry

Project Manager & System Analyst

Working with Ms. Tokmakova was excellent . Although i wasn't very clear on how i would like my e-store to function and look it was her motivation and drive that made everything clear in my mind. She was helpful and always available for my demands. Her willingness to help beyond my expectations surprised me the most. I would like to work with Flexi IT company in the future. Hope it will be soon

Petros Sofokleous

Giant Corp. G.M

Such a great agency, dedicated, hardworking and fantastic results!

Amanda Couzens Davies

Marketing manager

We very much enjoyed working with Flexi on developing a complex job platform. It was refreshing to work with a developer team that gets things done quicker and with better results than any other team we worked with before. We are looking forward to working with Flexi on other projects in the future.

Thore Behrens

PhD Candidate University of Warwick

Great cooperation with Vlad! He responded very quickly and solved problems on our site in 2 hours. He really dives in and double checks everything.

Sven Nuum

Co-founder at Boost Yourself

The Flex team is very professional and passionate about all what they do. I’ve been in contact with Eugenia who is really easy to communicate with and who had always an answer to my queries. All the best in every project!

Carmen Pérez

International Affairs

I couldn't have hoped for a better developer to work with. Given an unfamiliar application to bug fix and the job was completed much quicker than expected. His English is perfect, his replies speedy and he patiently explained to me how to complete any additional tasks that I had to do at my end. I've worked with several offshore developers before and Vlad has been the best one for development speed and his communication. I will definitely be going to him first for my future development needs.

Mike Crump


Never wait or hesitate, hire this chap before its too late ! Top Drawer Freelancer.

Gavin Beak


Flexi team has been very responsive and prompt in meeting our application requirements using fast and agile approach to software development. Alexander and his team were great to work with, keeping communication, prototyping and dialog at a frequent pace to complete our project. All the best to the Flexi team.

Abby Hosseini

Chief Technology Officer

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