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Our development team can build a reliable ERP system for your company. A custom enterprise resource planning solution will help you address numerous management tasks, consolidate core business operations into one platform, and improve collaboration across the entire organization

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An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a type of corporate software that helps organizations gain better control over their business processes. It’s widely used by companies of different sizes operating in most modern industries. A foundational element of ERP systems is a shared database. It allows enterprises to collect business data from various activities and bring the management of the key company’s units to a single place. Custom ERP software is developed from scratch upon the request of a certain organization and is designed based on its specific requirements.

Custom ERP application development lets businesses create management software that considers their unique needs, goals, and workflows. Here the main benefits you can expect from a tailor-made ERP system:

  • Increased efficiency
    Most manual tasks are slow and require a lot of resources. An ERP software solution can automate key business processes in your company, increasing its overall efficiency and helping it achieve higher objectives
  • Smart data management
    Custom ERP software will gather all data generated by your organization in one platform. Having a single data source will allow you to better leverage collected information and get valuable insights from it
  • Enhanced visibility
    An ERP system typically covers all essential business operations in a company. It will give you a realistic view of what happens in different departments and help you properly identify main bottlenecks and opportunities
  • Advanced data security & quality
    Custom ERP product development will allow you to build a system that meets the highest security standards. Only your organization will control all access rights, data accuracy, and information consistency
  • Reduced operating costs
    A bespoke ERP software solution will let you accurately forecast spending and plan business resources. As a result, you will be able to optimize processes and avoid expensive mistakes when managing the company’s daily operations
  • Better customer service
    Development of an ERP system will help your sales team and support department improve the quality of communication with leads and customers, making all interactions more personalized, meaningful, and efficient

When you choose custom ERP system development, you can build any functionality that your company needs to meet its business objectives. But there are some popular modules of ERP solutions that most businesses request, such as:

  • Supply chain management
    This module of ERP software allows the company to manage the movement of goods on their way from a manufacturer (wholesaler or retailer) to consumers
  • Inventory management
    The inventory management features help businesses maintain the right stock at the right level by streamlining the inventory sourcing and selling processes
  • Customer relationship management
    The CRM module focuses on generating and nurturing leads, delivering outstanding service, and building a strong relationship with customers
  • Human resource management
    This ERP’s part automates the key HR processes, including recruiting, communication with candidates, performance tracking, KPI setting, and payroll
  • Finances and accounting
    The main goal of this module is to help companies manage financial transactions, invoicing, billing, and accounting operations. It can also contain report generating tools
  • Document management
    This part of ERP’s functionality helps businesses define and implement a convenient document flow, organize document storage, and automate approval procedures

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To build fast, reliable, and scalable ERP solutions, our development team uses only top-notch technologies that acquired a good reputation in the market


Our custom ERP development services

We have vast experience in building enterprise-grade software solutions. Our team can provide the following ERP development services:

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ERP web developmen

We offer professional end-to-end web development services. Our team can create a bespoke ERP system for your business from the ground up or take over the existing ERP development project.

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ERP integration and deployment

Our developers can seamlessly integrate a custom ERP solution into your existing IT infrastructure and connect it to the third-party software system of your choice.

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Custom ERP support and maintenance

Our ERP development company offers maintenance services and can support your solution after its release. We can make necessary updates, fix any technical issues, and handle other requests from you.

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ERP system customization

Our programmers have enough skills and experience to customize a ready-made ERP solution based on the needs of your organization. We can also build additional features from scratch, install plugins, and integrate third-party products using APIs.

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Legacy ERP modernization

If your company already has an ERP solution, but you want to upgrade it, our ERP developers can do the work. Before modernizing the system, we’ll analyze its tech stack, do a code review, and define the current requirements of your business.

ERP software development for small businesses

ERP systems originate from the manufacturing sector, but they quickly gained wide popularity across other industries. Nowadays, not only large enterprises use ERP solutions. More and more small businesses adopt this type of software to move beyond spreadsheets and drive growth

E-commerce Custom ERP solutions help online retailers maintain the optimal stock balance, interact with customers, manage orders, and process payments

Healthcare The implementation of ERP software lets clinics and private practices automate administrative tasks, allowing doctors to focus more on treating patients

Legal Law firms use custom ERP software solutions to improve work efficiency, reporting, and decision-making on both micro and macro levels

Real estate ERP systems help property businesses manage housing units and tenants, cooperate with service providers, and handle accounting tasks

Professional services Companies that provide professional services adopt ERP solutions to streamline operations, manage tasks, and generate reports with ease

Hospitality Custom ERP software allows hotels, motels, and hostels to monitor occupancy in real time, create work schedules, deliver the best guest service, and much more

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for estimating the cost of custom application development. But here are the main factors that will influence the price of your tailor-made ERP solution:

  • Product scope and complexity
  • Development services provided
  • Technologies
  • Requested integrations
  • Timeframe for delivery
  • Programmers engaged

Deciding what team of ERP developers to hire is an important step. We want you to be sure that you make the right choice, so here are the main reasons to entrust your ERP development project to us:

  • Experience
    We’ve created a number of enterprise solutions (including ERPs and CRMs) for businesses operating in different markets.
  • Programming skills
    Our team consists of talented programmers who keep track of new technologies and always master their skills.
  • Expertise
    We know how businesses operate and understand what technology standards and trends exist in most modern industries.
  • Transparency and communication
    All processes in our company are transparent. You can check the progress of your ERP development project at any time or contact us using a convenient communication channel.
  • Reputation
    Our team has received many positive reviews from clients. We are also recognized by various professional organizations, including Clutch and GoodFirms.

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The success of any business is determined by the quality of its management. That’s why many modern companies that want to stay relevant, cut costs, and achieve new objectives invest in custom ERP systems. This type of management software covers all core enterprise units, helping organizations consolidate most key processes in one platform. Our team can create a robust custom ERP solution for your company that will cater to its current business needs and align with its global goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer multiple scenarios for the ERP development process. According to one of them, several programmers write code simultaneously, working in parallel with each other.

Yes. A QA engineer will test the work done by programmers. Only after that we will deliver the relevant piece of functionality to you.

Yes. We’ve already connected off-the-shelf CRM solutions to custom ERP software. Our team also has vast experience in creating bespoke CRMs from scratch.

Yes. Code refactoring and legacy ERP upgrading are two popular requests that we frequently receive from our clients. Our team knows how to work with projects that have their own history and whose maintenance and modernization require a special approach.