Custom CRM Development Services

We develop CRM systems for real estate businesses. Our team has excellent expertise in creating custom software for property companies of any size and type.

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A custom CRM solution is a type of software that primarily focuses on customer relationship management and automation of business processes. It allows companies to optimize core operations and build a stronger bond with every customer. Unlike out-of-the-box systems that aim to fit as many organizations as possible, custom CRMs are explicitly tailored to the needs of a specific business. They are usually created from scratch by a development company and must meet the requirements provided by a client.

Building custom CRM software helps businesses implement a customer-centric approach and get a number of other benefits

  • Advanced performance
    With a custom CRM solution, you decide what technologies to use and when to upgrade the system. Full control over the CRM’s performance allows you to keep it working, relevant, and efficient
  • Higher flexibility
    Programmers can add, change, and delete any features you want at any time. It means that scaling up or down the solution isn’t a problem
  • More integrations
    Custom CRM development lets you connect a solution to any other third-party software used by your team, not just to the list of products chosen by a vendor
  • Reliable data protection
    Custom CRM systems are more resistant to data leakages and malware since no third-party can access them by installing updates. Only one company controls all user permissions, security standards, and customer data management
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Custom development usually requires considerable initial investments, but they fully pay off in the long run. You don’t have to pay for the features your team doesn’t need, and your costs don’t depend on the vendor’s pricing
  • Simplicity
    If you opt for a custom CRM, it’ll be built with your company’s existing processes in mind. So, the employees’ learning curve will be steep, and the system, in general, will be more convenient for end-users

Our expertise in custom CRM software development

We have a proven track record in building custom CRM solutions for businesses across various industries


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To create a custom CRM system that is fast, reliable, and scalable, we use state-of-the-art technologies which hold leadership positions in the market


Our custom CRM development services

We offer a wide range of CRM development services. Our professional team can handle any request related to creating, improving, or maintaining custom CRMs.

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CRM web development

We build custom CRM solutions of different types and complexity. Our team can create a bespoke CRM from the ground up or take over an ongoing project. The custom development services we offer include a full product creation cycle, from the idea definition to release .

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CRM integration and deployment

We can effectively deploy a CRM solution in your organization. Our programmers can also connect a new system to other third-party software used in your company, depending on its business needs.

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Custom CRM support and maintenance

Our team provides post-release support and maintenance services for custom CRM solutions. We can professionally fix the issues and update the solution as needed, so you can always keep your customer service at the highest possible level.

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CRM system customization

If your existing CRM software lacks some features that your team needs, we can build the required functionality for you. A customized CRM solution will help your business achieve a higher level of performance and revenue.

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Legacy CRM modernization

Our team can upgrade and improve your legacy CRM solution to make it faster and more efficient. Legacy CRM modernization will allow you to get rid of the old system’s bugs and take advantage of modern technologies.

Common integrations for a custom CRM

Custom development gives you an opportunity to integrate a new solution with a wide variety of IT products. The exact list of integrations depends on your business goals. But here are the most popular out-of-the-box software that many businesses choose to connect to their CRMs

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Since all custom CRM systems are unique, there is no standard price for them. When calculating a budget for CRM development, the following factors usually matter the most.

  • CRM complexity and functionality
  • Delivery timelines
  • Technology stack
  • Team (size, seniority levels, etc.)
  • Integrations
  • Requested development services

Our team offers a superb combination of strong programming skills, creativity, and a deep understanding of business processes. Here are the main reasons to choose us for your CRM development project.

  • Experience in CRM development
    We have already built a number of custom CRMs for different businesses.
  • Expertise in API integration
    Our programmers know how to connect a CRM to other tools and platforms with the help of APIs.
  • Focus on results
    Our goal is to develop CRM solutions that will bring real value to your business.
  • Transparent processes
    You can always track the progress we’ve made in your project using such tools as Jira, Confluence, GitLab, etc.
  • Recognition
    Our CRM development company is internationally recognized (Upwork, GoodFirms, etc.). We’ve never received negative feedback from clients.


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I've been working with Flexi on my project for a long time. They are always on time. Very loyal service. Hope we'll continue to collaborate for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. As of today, our team has developed four custom CRM systems. We also have vast experience in building other types of web solutions for businesses.

Yes. We’ve worked on two CRM development projects with legacy code. Our programmers took over a product creation process from the previous team and successfully completed the development.

Yes. Our team has once developed such a Chrome extension for our client.

Yes. We’ve integrated Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and other forms with websites. Basically, our developers can integrate forms from any CRM if APIs are available.