Custom Wordpress Plugin Development

Nowadays, we hear a lot about custom WordPress plugin development. But do we understand the difference between a WordPress plugin and a WordPress theme properly?

custom wordpress plugin development

WordPress plugin development serves more as a program or even a function that allows adding services and features to your current WordPress development platform. Thus, plugin development provides you with the possibility to integrate WordPress websites for users easily and methodically. In Flexi IT, we can extend your website’s functionality by using wp content plugins, creating a new plugin, or configuring PHP functions. We provide high-quality plugin development depending on your business requirements.

WordPress plugin development services we provide

  • WordPress plugin development. To get started, we can develop custom WordPress plugins from scratch, so you can use them for adding unique functionalities to your site or selling your products to the customers. Read about our all WordPress development services
  • WordPress plugin customization. Have some problems with the existing custom functionality of your WordPress widget plugins, creating a plugin, or the main plugin file? Our WordPress plugin development company will help you create a WordPress plugin of your dream.
  • UX design. In Flexi IT, we can equip your WordPress plugin with native interactions. That allows even average WordPress users who have fundamental or no development skills to work with the PHP plugin efficiently.
  • Integration with third-party software. Are you considering providing your WordPress plugin with payment gateways or integrating APIs from different external services? Our experienced WordPress developers will make sure that the job is done correctly.
  • Add-On & extension development. Add-ons, along with extensions, are a great approach to extending the existing functionality of your WordPress community plugins. Our plugin development services will help you improve the WordPress core functions by developing add-ons and extensions that will be suitable for your WordPress architecture.
  • WordPress plugin upgrade. Whether you need to check the main plugin file or update your first plugin to make it compatible with the new WordPress version, our plugin development services can excel at everything.
  • WordPress plugin maintenance. Of course, we can create a plugin you want, but also we offer the support of your WordPress core plugins. Our WordPress developers will take a look at whether each PHP plugin corresponds to the latest WordPress versions and provide smooth performance.

What are the key stages of custom WordPress plugin development?

Even the smallest plugins require developers to spend many hours thinking, designing and developing. Also, they require thorough quality control management. Here are the major stages of the effective WordPress plugin development process that Flexi IT uses to deliver what the client is looking for:

  • Discovery. Our team collects and analyzes your requirements to understand your business goals and customer needs better.
  • Planning. In Flexi IT, we pay attention to all details necessary for creating an appropriate development strategy.
  • Development. Considering your best interests and applying the Agile methodology, our WordPress developers can get started.
  • Testing. Our QA professionals probe and inspect your WordPress plugins. That helps ensure the desired bug-free results.
  • Improving. Reiterating and refining the job, we make sure that your WordPress plugins satisfy your requirements and expectations.
  • Delivery. Backing by professional hands and the leading plugin development practices, we bring your dreamed plugin to life.

What makes Flexi IT a leading WordPress plugin development company?

  • High-quality WordPress plugin development services. With proven experience in plugin development customization, the developers at Flexi IT usually focus on offering plugin solutions that make a high impact.
  • Affordable plugin development prices. No matter if your company is a startup, a small business, or a large enterprise - Flexi IT can satisfy multiple WordPress plugin development requirements. That is one of the WordPress core factors clients pay attention to while hiring a WordPress development company.
  • Efficient customer support service. In Flexi IT, we understand the importance of not only creating a plugin file or applying the first plugin but also keeping your WordPress website up-and-running always. Thus, our WordPress developers can provide constant support to the site owners.
  • Proven plugin methodologies. Having years of practice creating a WordPress functions.php file and adopting a plugin file to the WordPress platform, the Flexi IT team will implement tried and true methodologies to enhance your WordPress plugin development process.
  • Compliance with WordPress development standards. Besides offering affordable plugin development services, Flexi IT also follows the existing quality management and coding standards and other critical guidelines to provide all clients with professional WordPress development experience.
  • Qualified WordPress plugin developers to hire. Flexi IT offers a team of PHP experts who can develop a WordPress functions.php file and build your first plugin. Our codeable plugin development experts can define and provide custom plugin development easily - both for a single site business owner and multiple owners as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

In WordPress, the functions.php file serves as a template predicted by WordPress themes. This file acts as a plugin for your WordPress website, and you can load it automatically when installing and activating a theme on the site.

Using PHP code, you can add a function to your plugin file or change the default features on your website. Thanks to editing the functions.php file by applying a custom plugin code, you can add post types, shortcodes, or taxonomies for improving your site.

A WordPress plugin is a PHP file that includes a WordPress plugin header comment. Thus, we highly recommend creating the plugin directory and folders (each plugin folder for a separate plugin) to hold all your WordPress plugins. That allows organizing all of the plugins’ PHP files in one place. If you want to build a new plugin, you can create a new folder and hold the necessary files here.

It relies on your project requirements. If a plugin partially fulfills your need and we should take simple steps and make some changes to satisfy your requirements completely, we recommend applying customization. But if your requirements mean adding new functions to current ones, it will be better to build a new plugin.

Action Hooks serve as an extremely useful tool in WordPress that developers apply for performing functions (actions) in different places of themes or plugins. Thus, lots of themes and plugins implement action hooks as an easy approach for users to modify the project’s output or provide their custom code.

With the ultimate WordPress auction plugin, the owner can set up auctions on his website easily and quickly. This plugin is simple, flexible, and very configurable. Also, it provides multiple features, along with great support.


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