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We are not going to sit here and boast about how cool we are, unlike most other IT companies, because:

a. You are looking for optimal web solutions for your business, that is for specialists ready to implement 100% of your ideas;

b. We should earn your trust and loyalty only through web development and collaboration with you. That is why we are open to cooperation 24/7 :)

c. Our successfully implemented projects (that you can find in our portfolio) will show our proficiency. #portfolio»


IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Almost three years of successful partnership with big and medium-sized enterprises have taught us a lot. Our highly professional IT experts can offer you:

  • effective implementation of complex objectives;
  • high-quality development of web projects;
  • increase in conversion rate of your business;
  • comprehensive support of finished projects.

We offer you a well-balanced team that can perfectly meet all your demands. The only things you have to decide are the needs of your business and the requirements toward us.

IT outstaffing

IT outstaffing

As noted by Steve Jobs, people are the key resource for the success of every company. Therefore we can offer you IT professionals for outstaffing purposes. That means that you get:

  • strong intellectual support that will accelerate the development of your project;
  • ability to add and to scale your team with highly trained specialists on a reasonable budget;
  • retrenchment of costs for expanding your crew for any project.

Outstaffing is considered an excellent way to improve the investment value of your company.

IT consulting

IT consulting

We aim to improve proficiency and capability of your business or a separate project. But even the best team can face difficulties in implementing a task, given lack of appropriate leadership. We can offer you professional IT consulting that will:

  • lead the project out of a dead-end and cut down the number of ineffective work hours;
  • optimize technological processes inside and outside the project;
  • improve technical level of your working team.

Implementing professional IT consulting is a strong tool to increase the productivity of your project.

10 reasons why you should work with us:

1. We guarantee that your project is unique and creative. It will not resemble any other product, unless that’s what you strive for.
2. Every issue is always settled as fast as possible.
3. We discuss project costs individually depending on your ideas.
4. You can call us 24/7! We may be sleepy, but we will gladly assist you nonetheless.
5. Collaboration with us is supported by our highly competent experts.
6. Our team is always interested in making successful product and its consequent development, and that’s why we will give our very best so you can be 100% happy!
7. Nothing is impossible for us in implementing your ideas, and our developers constantly improve their skills.
8. We can officially document our cooperation. It is a guarantee that our agreement will be honored.
9. We are always ready to propose a number of suitable choices for your tasks but you will have a final word.
10. You and our team are human, and that’s why friendly and benevolent atmosphere prevails when we work with our clients.

We can implement you most daring web development idea and create high-quality website or any other digital solution that will work for you. Сhoosing creative and professional Flexi IT Company team is the key to your success!

Our projects

  • 01_ATB
    AzerTurkBank is a trustworthy business partner
    that provides financial support to manufacturing,
    as well as modern banking technology.
    Their headquarters are in Baku.
    They asked us to develop a website in WordPress.
    The main purpose of the website is to sell their financial services,
    support their customers online, inform their clients,
    and create positive brand name. Furthermore, we implemented a way
    to calculate currency exchange rates using online calculator
    and to use banking services over the Internet.
  • 08_Earny
    This resource was developed for mobile users.
    Earny is a service that lets you earn money for your mobile account
    with applications, that you need to download and install on your gadget.
    User receives a bonus for each unique download.
    Bonus depends on the application and the advertiser.
    Customer provided us with API
    that receives basic service data from its users.
    All of the payments take place directly on their website.
    We used Symfony2 to develop this website.
  • 08_Earny
    Delnext developed for departure and delivery order.
    There is an option of step by step checkout
    with dynamic calculation of delivery costs in real time.
    This resource developed on PHP + MySQL.
    For front-end part HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3,
    JQuery/JavaScript were used.
  • 02_TC
    This еCommerce website was designed
    for the largest Russian coffee-selling company.
    Traveler’s Coffee operates a number of coffee houses
    in many countries around the world.
    The main purpose of the website is to sell
    their roasted coffee and coffee-related products
    (liquor, coffee machines etc).
    Additionally website provides information
    about the company and its planned activities
    to their regular and potential clients.
    Kohana framework, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and MySQL
    were used to develop this website.
  • dummy
    This is a brand website that helps rent and lease real estate properties
    in Russia and Saint Petersburg principally, without the financial hassle.
    The main purpose of the site is the ability to directly post an advertisement
    to rent or sell your property, while the owner of the ad can manage their profile.
    This project was developed using laravel 5, mysql, jquery, jquery UI, jquerymobile,
    jquery-fileapi, bootstrap 3, yandex map API.
    Importantly, website is similar to an international portal
    in design and functionality. adjusts for mobile screens
    which helps client promote and implement their business goals.
  • 03_MJ_MM
    This website was developed for the
    ‘MJ Model Management’ agency, which is one
    of the leading model agencies in Great Britain
    and is well-known in other countries.
    It may look very clean and laconic,
    since it was done in WordPress,
    but the back end includes a lot of functionality.
    Business is structured in such a way that models
    using the website can manage their profiles,
    admins can approve or decline updates on these profiles,
    companies can book models that they like etc.
  • 04_Preferred_MS
    We developed this website for an American company using WordPress.
    It helps simplifying review process when hiring employees.
    Department head has his own account
    and can use it to fill out information about a new candidate.
    They consequently will get an email invite
    and a set of documents generated depending on input data.
    Website is sector-specific and implemented for needs of individual company.
    We also used jQuery, Html5 and MySQL when developing it.
  • 05_Cheapcouriers
    We completed this project for a UK courier company
    that provides high-quality service for their clients,
    delivering parcels and pallets throughout Great Britain.
    The main purpose of the website is to book deliveries,
    help with the best alternatives to send user collections,
    and calculate the costs of courier service.
    Clients can also track their delivery through the website.
    We developed it using Kohana framework, creating an admin panel and shopping cart.
    We also used jQuery UI and such APIs as YODEL, UPS, DHL, Paypal, and CCAPI.
  • 06_sport_fit
    We developed this news project for a Russian client. It specializes in sports and sport-related activities.
    The purpose of the website is to chronicle sport events, provide photos and video footage from competitions,
    and present specific training tips to readers. We used InstantCMS to develop this website.
    We implemented complicated data-select queries for databases with consequent minimal processing by PHP code.
  • 07_CRC
    We developed this website for a real estate company from Cyprus.
    ‘Cyprus Realty Center’ specializes in short-term and long-term leasing
    and selling of real estate. The main purpose of the website is
    to inform the client of real estate choices, let him place an order,
    and contact with a consultant. Client can also view exclusive offers,
    get a free tour and even solve legal issues with estate registration.
    We developed this website on Opencart CMS.
  • 09_Alaska_Dream_Makers
    This is a unique website that specializes in selling Alaskan real estate.
    It is a system for real estate search with subsequent purchase or lease,
    using API of American Land Registry database.
    The main purpose of this website is to attract potential buyers,
    collect preliminary data, and inform and persuade customers.
    We developed a separate plugin that works directly with API
    and allows users to receive data according to bespoke filter search.

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