We are fully committed to adding value to our client businesses in every stage - from planning to maintaining. Our design and development process comprises finding optimal solutions for our clients and implementing them in the most efficient way possible.
Web development
As our primary area of expertise, web development plays a pivotal role in our service portfolio. Our developers are capable of delivering web-based solutions of any size and complexity that can scale and diversify with your business without compromising on performance or quality. Our code conforms to international PSR 2 standards and the Google Javascript Style Guide.
To achieve this, we use the most popular and easy-to-maintain frameworks and platforms:
✓ Backend:
-  Frameworks: CakePHP | Laravel | CodeIgniter | Yii | Kohana;
-  CMSs: WordPress | OpenCart | osCommerce;
✓ JS: NodeJS | AngularJS | JavaScript | TypeScript;
✓ Frontend: Html5/Css3 | Bootstrap | LESS | SASS;
✓ DBs: MySQL | MongoDB | PostgreSQL.
Development services
  • Back-End development
  • Front-end development
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Shopping cart integration
  • 3rd-Party extensions/API’s
  • Performance optimization

Website design
As an end-to-end service provider, we offer professional website design services that ensure a truly tailored approach to the look and feel of our customers’ web applications. We make sure that every page we deliver is unique and fully complies with today’s standards of usability, as well as with the customer’s corporate or brand visual guidelines. The amount of information that modern applications have to contain is growing every day. The issue is no longer how to demonstrate your professionalism in a graphically complex interface. On the contrary, the goal today is to make a technically complex and functionally loaded project easy to use. When you pull up a website, you should be able to easily find what you're looking for in three clicks.
Design services
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Responsive design
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Graphic design

Project management
Proper project management is the pillar on which the success of every project rests. Our team of project managers ensures the timely completion of every project with a predefined level of quality and within a previously agreed-upon budget. Project managers are responsible for overseeing workflow, communicating with clients, meeting deadlines, and fulfilling responsibilities to customers. All managers are, without exception, fluent in English. It is never the case that we do not understand our client. If a client does not have a preferred project management platform, we use our company’s Jira & Kanban platform. But everything is agreed upon at the beginning of the project and depends on the client's preferences. We are always ready to reconfigure our procedures to meet new conditions. If a client does not have a preferred project management platform, we use our company’s Basecamp 3 platform. We are always willing to listen to your suggestions.
Management Services
  • Determine the requirements, resources and schedule for project implementation;
  • Lead the project from analysis and scheduling to support of the released product;
  • Create and maintain technical and project documentation;
  • Assign individual responsibilities within the team;

Specification and Prototyping
The beginning of a project is always the most important part. It is the foundation of the entire project on which your business will develop. Having a statement of work, prototype, or design document is crucial for beginning a project successfully. This frequently reduces the cost and time that will eventually be spent on the project. This service pack will include:
  • Written project documentation – this is a full description of the project, its functionality, and the technologies that are recommended to bring it to fruition
  • Prototype – prototypes can be clickable or non-clickable depending on the client's preference and the complexity of the project.
  • Evaluation of the project by our specialists – you will receive a detailed evaluation of the project that includes the estimated time frame and cost for its implementation
  • Roadmap – stages of project implementation
This information is frequently enough to show the project to investors. That way you won’t have to do the entire project in order to get an investor’s interest. Another positive factor is that you will be able to formulate an entire strategy for the implementation of your project's functionality. You will be able to see the step-by-step development of your project. This will help you plan advertising campaigns and all other accompanying activities.
Pre-development Services:
  • Specification writing
  • Roadmap creation
  • Prototyping and wireframing development
  • Technologies recommendation
  • Site structure design

As an integral part of any software development project, QA is a vital part of Flexi’s service portfolio. Our QA expertise encompasses a wide range of testing types and ensures that the solutions that are delivered to our customers are reliably protected against hacks, perform well under high load, and operate as expected.
QA Services:
  • A\B testing
  • Manual testing
  • High-load testing

Database design
Since web applications are predominantly database-driven, proper database design is the foundation of future scalability, high performance, and stability under high load. We are fully capable of designing and implementing complex load-balancing, data-replication, and sharding strategies for the most demanding and traffic-intensive solutions. Architecture views a project from the perspective of infinity. Well-conceived architecture allows a project to deal successfully with any innovations that may arise over time because you can always add new functionality to it. A project in which these sorts of details have been considered will be more convenient for the user, who usually understands this on an intuitive level. You know how it feels when you have everything you need right at your fingertips? When everything you wanted, but didn’t know how to put into words, has been factored into your project?
Database design Services
  • Database development
  • Database management
  • Database maintenance

Support & Maintenance
Every project has its own unique needs in terms of support, so we take an individualized approach to our clients and draw up action lists on a project-by-project basis. However, there are standard options. But every project is still unique, so we choose precisely what your specific project needs.
Support standard options:
  • Reserve data copying
  • Updating server software
  • Managing server users
  • Database optimization
  • Virus protection, etc.

Search engine marketing
Every project is selling something. Even a blog actually has something to sell — typically the blogger’s expertise. Our goal is not just to help you bring your idea to life, but also to help you sell it properly. We adapt our code from the beginning for the future development of our projects. We always offer discounts on marketing services to clients who have hired us to develop their product.

Search engine optimization
If you want to make the most of your online resource and aren’t using search engine optimization, you should seriously consider it. SEO website promotion will help you to:
  • increase traffic
  • increase profits
  • popularize your brand