How to build a website like Air BnB

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How to build a website like Air BnB
How to build a website like Air BnB

Before you start working on the clone of the Airbnb site, you need to understand why it is so popular and why you like it. According to our experience,  It is much more effective not to clone the site but use its principles. Take the most popular elements, analyze business model and adapt to yourself.

The design style is closely connected with a target audience.    

Airbnb is travelers oriented website and people who love to travel are easily inspired by beautiful images of their potential destinations. The Airbnb homepage immediately slaps you in the face with amazing travel imagery \ It designed with a clean UX. Modern, flat buttons are used throughout, and all site elements are balanced with plenty of white space. This modern look is likely to appeal to the young.

On the previous version of the website\ homepage actually, uses video of happy travelers in lovely destinations enjoying their home away from home. It was also a good solution, but as I see founders seek to the simplicity, that is why on the new version we don’t  see this video. 

The Airbnb designed with business goals in mind.  While the image-heavy design is visually pleasing, it wasn’t designed to simply look pretty. There are two main objectives of the site: 1) to get visitors to look for rentals, and 2) to get new listings. 

The user is not overwhelmed with a bunch of text they are not going to read.(For  example, you don’t  see a blog page here,  which is usually created by website owners  for SEO ranking)  This site gets visitors right where they want to go. So the website promotes activity and action. 

They show places through activities:  football playing,  photography,  cooking,  guitar playing etc.   Pay attention to the words:  meet, walk, enjoy, learn. All of them characterize what you will do in this place.  All these facts describe business model.  

Air BnB is also a good example of a well-structured project.The website owners don’t  put here community, FAQ etc. But If you want something like this you can go to the SMM  portals like Facebook or Quora and write your question.  

What you should understand,  they build the community the outside of the website.  

When you actually start searching for a place, the Airbnb user-experience can’t be beaten.( This is the most  popular  part  for “Airbnb like websites”).  

After you pick your city, the search page displays a large city map on the right half of the screen with rental photos on the left.  

All of the most pertinent information – price, location area, and the person renting the property – is displayed in large type so that it is easy to digest at a glance.

The large full-size images make feel like you know exactly what you are getting into. 

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